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Some of my projects

Here comes some projects of mine that i've been working on if you want to check out my page on github click here!

school-work (Python)

My code from school, includes both small scripts and projects.

steam-market-extension ()

Couldn't find any good steam extensions to view market value on one steam inventory, so I decided to create my own.

mrhandy (JavaScript)

Mr Handy is a bot for discord that is being used on my discord server.

LatestYoutubeVideo (JavaScript)

Simple discord.js bot that will fetch the latest video from selected channel id using googles youtube API v3

snake-game (C)

Snakegame made in c++ using SDL

sudoku-game (C++)

a c++ CLI script which can solve sudoku boards and generate them.

dvd-bounce (C)

The classic dvd bounce

PQ-calculator (C++)

A c++ program that calculates the quadratic formula

peter-linus (PHP)

Peter & Linus Development files

tempDCbot (JavaScript)

This is a template bot for discord